Arabs losing Somaliland to Israel

HARGEISA,  (Somalilandpress) — Somaliland people are Sunni Muslims with Arabic roots. The origin of major Somaliland tribes like Samaroon and Darood are from Yemen, while Isaaq tribe is from Iraq and has connected to Al-Ahlu Bait (the family tree of Prophet Mohamed PUBH). The history writes that Isaaq Bin Ahmed, grandfather of Isaaq tribe in Somaliland, Ethiopia and Djibouti migrated with his family from Mosul and Al-Anbar cities of Iraq to Yemen after the collapse of Abbasid Empire.

The name Abbasid is referred to the uncle of Prophet Mohamed (PUBH), and was used for the empire after collapse of Umayyad Caliphate in Damascus, Syria. Abbasid ruled from 750 – 1258 of Gregorian calendar. Abbasid transferred their capital from Damascus to Baghdad on year of 762. The Islamic civilization witnessed development in all sides including science and trade. The Abbasid era is known as ‘Golden Era’ in Islamic history. The Abbasid Empire varnished after Mongol invaded Baghdad, Iraq destroying the Islamic civilization.

After collapse of Abbasid Empire and Mohamed Al-Abbasid (Ruler of the empire) was killed by Mongol invading forces, the killing of the close associates of the empire started mainly the Al-Ahlu Bait, which forced majority of them to migrate to outside Iraq. The family of Isaaq Bin Ahmed was one of these families who migrated to saver places. The family started their journey from Mosul City, Al-Samara City, Medina and finally landed Hadramout City of Yemen.

The father of Isaaq Bin Ahmed passed away in Yemen, and his brother Abdulrahman Bin Ahmed travelled back to Saudi Arabia and to Iraq. Isaaq Bin Ahmed continued his mission of teaching religion to the people in the region and traveled to Harare City of Ethiopia where he thought religion many years. Isaaq landed undisclosed location in eastern Somaliland, and later married from the people in Harare City. This is overview of the roots of the people of Somaliland. Today, the tribe of Abdurrahman Bin Ahmed is living in Mosul City and is thousands.

Somaliland established functioning administration from 1991 without outside support, and contacted the Arab brothers to support their call for sovereignty, however, no one response their voices of freedom. Arabs know that Somalia collapsed, and it’s impossible to force Somaliland again into another out-of-wedlock marriage with southern Somalia.

In other hand, Somalia failed to sort out their problems and violence continues taking lives of thousands and forcing others out of their houses in southern Somalia. This indicates that peace-loving people of Somaliland are serious of separating from rest of Somalia. Somaliland built strong and sustainable modern nation. They hosted free and fair elections, and country had three presidents in less than 20 years.

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Recently, the local Somali media published reports about Israeli interest in Somaliland, and the willingness of the Jewish state to recognize Somaliland and establish diplomatic relations with Somaliland. The fact is that Somaliland is eligible to gain UN membership because it met all the requirements of becoming independent state. However, Arab countries particularly Egypt and Sudan are suppressing Somaliland cause of independence. Both Egypt and Sudan vowed to walk out African Union meeting, if the meeting discusses Somaliland recognition. Majority of the Arab states realizes the stability and progress in Somaliland and that independence of Somaliland is public decision but continue neglecting.

Arabs, particularly Egypt and Sudan, has interest of keeping Somalia together because Somalia will always remain threat to the region, and violating the internationally recognized borders with Ethiopia and Kenya. This engages Ethiopia into war with Somalia, and it does not utilize its share of Nile Water.

The reports ensured that Israel is willing to recognize Somaliland and establish office in Somaliland that can serve its interest at Gulf of Aden water. This will bring Israel influence in the region of horn of Africa.

Arab countries, Egypt and Gulf Countries, should change their policy towards Somalia and recognize Somaliland; otherwise Israel is will do it. Today the Arab and Muslim world alienated Somaliland and failed to establish trade and diplomatic links. Somaliland students cannot attend the regional universities because their certificates are not recognized by the Arab and Muslim world. Somaliland people should use the fake and old Somali Passport, because Somaliland passports are not welcomed by the Arab and Muslim world.

Arab League and Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) should know that Somaliland will look for friends, because no country can stand alone. And if Arabs and Muslims continue neglecting Somaliland then Israel will fit in. Currently, Ethiopia is the Israel’s main ally in the region.

Arab countries should accept the changes in the region and that Somali unity theory of 1960 failed, and will never be again a united Somalia. Somaliland contributed 50% of the failed 1960 unity of Somali speaking people in the region, but today, after Somaliland realized that uniting with Somalia will not benefit them, they decided to go alone.

Arab countries, particularly Egypt and Gulf Countries, should face the new realities in former Somalia, and that Somaliland will prevail whether Arabs accept or not. Frankly, If Arabs reject Somaliland Israel and USA and European Union will accept it.

By: Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi

Somalilandpress, 15 February 2010

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