Afica : Stop the destruction of Somali’s

Decades have gone by and Somali’s have seen many presidents promise to restore the countries pride and beauty it once had, they have come and gone: no change has been made. The only hopeful’s we see is Somaliland but again, the recognition they desperately need isn’t coming any time soon. Somali’s sometimes ask themselves, ‘’how did we get this low?’’

I’m writing this article to inform you on one of the main problems that got Somali’s ‘’this low’’. Unless they understand this problem, identify & defeat it, they will never be able to leave this current mess the enemy has created for them.

You are probably wondering ‘’who is this enemy?’’ and some wouldn’t be surprised when I say this, but many might. The enemy to put it quite simply is, ETHIOPIA. This first started when Siad Barre and his army clashed with Ethiopia in the war of Ogaden 1977. And how have they ruined Somalia? Dividing us and arming us against one another. The British and Italian colonists did this very efficiently during colonization, but the Ethiopians continued this till the bloody pulp. Some Somali’s believe Ethiopia, Britain and Italy are and was the friends, but not all friends are truthful, like Nelson Mandela himself said ‘’Today’s friend can be Tomorrows enemy.’’

Smart people would usually ask when questioning a murder ‘’who will benefit from this?’’ so let’s switch it around and put this in Somalia’s case. Who will benefit or is interested in the everlasting obliteration of Somalia? Many would say U.S.A or UK, mainly the western powers, but not in this case.

Meles Zenawi, one of the greatest strategists of the 21st Century. A rebel leader at 27, he toppled the Ethiopian regime at that time. Ethiopia’s main enemy for a while, but Meles knew the potential powerhouse of East Africa was Somalia to his East. He would effectively turn the Somali’s against each other by arming each clan rebellion group to fight against each other, and once one was winning, he would reduce the arms for that group and increase weapons for this enemy, do you see where I am going with this? Sheikh Sharif, former President of Somalia suffered horribly at the hands of Meles Zenawi who consistently armed rebellions in Somalia to continue the destruction they had been causing.

When Siad Barre had the people of Somalia turning against him and creating Clan based rebel groups, such as the S.N.M (Somali National Movement), U.S.C (United Somali Congress), SSDF (Somali Salvation Democratic Front), S.P.M (Somali Patriotic Movement) and S.D.F (Somali Democratic Front) did you ever stop and think who were supplying them with weapons to rebel? Well if you did I believe I have the answer, if you look closely when they were ready to strike back against the Red Berets (Faqqash Army) they had regrouped in Ethiopia and consumed weapons in Ethiopia. So there you go, Ethiopia & Meles Zenawi

were happily giving weapons to the Somali rebel groups practically saying ‘’there you go, go out and there and ruin Somalia for me’’ and that’s exactly what they did.

The enemy simply wants to divide the Somali people and destruct them, the sooner the Somali’s realise, the better. It is never too late for the Somali’s to unite and decide their future together, not Ethiopia or any Western power. Another factor in the destruction of Somalia is the international jihadists who were kicked out of Iraq and Afghanistan and are trying to settle in Somalia. These people are changing the mindset of Somali’s and we have already seen the influences they have caused in Somalia and Puntland. Car suicide bombings and killing of men who do not follow orders of other men and then blaming it on the religion is NOT what Somali’s do or use to do. They are a cancer who brainwashing the Somali youth and spreading there unrealistic ideology, trying to kill of Somalia.

Ethiopia wants the complete collapse of Somalia and the evidence is there. They want Somalia to be split into small states; you can see Somaliland and Puntland can’t you? While Ethiopia is claiming to help the TFG and help Somalia, they also recognise the separatist region of Somaliland. Ethiopia even recognises Somaliland’s passport. You see the problem there? Ethiopia was once in talks with Somaliland over the use of port Berbera, whilst it was running away from Djibouti port because of the raised taxation and fees on Ethiopian products being passed through Djiboutian ports. Remember that both Djiboutians and Somalilanders are Somali’s; do you see the division there?

Once Somali’s wake up, the better. The sacred land of Somalia was fought for by the likes of Sayyid Abdille Hassan who led the Dervish Somali’s. Somali’s have weakened themselves to the Ethiopians who have forever wanted Somali’s to be at their knees. I’ve said this in many of my other articles but Tribalism and Tribes need to be discarded from the Somali culture. Tribalism is really disruptive and has no interest of the Somali people. If you didn’t know, clan systems were actually set up for the Nomads and have no place in the urban setting of Somalia.

If this shambles continues, Somalia will soon be run by the UN and the people will be so weak to stand up for themselves, Ethiopians and Kenyans will be forced to take control of areas. The Ethiopian population is increasing more than ever and it is predicted that by 2025, Ethiopia will have 125 million people. It’s vital that Ethiopia has as much as water as it can and if Somalia continues to crumble like this, they will look to the Juba and Shebelle rivers and no Somali man will say a thing about that because they simply cannot do anything about it. It’s a sad and devastating reality Somali’s will all face if this continue so it is pivotal that Somali’s wake up as soon as possible.


Allin Nuh



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