A Letter To Somalilanders In Diaspora

We have as Somalilanders in the Diaspora not out of absolute choice have supported our country through difficult times with our finances, suggestions, proposals and prayers. We did so out of our empathy to a nation so greater such as ours. We will continue in that support because we are people who understand the importance of voting and in collective consensus about a party that we want to be govern by it with full view of the facts.
Today I urge you children of Somaliland in the Diaspora to continue in your remarkable journey of support with respect to financing of our electoral commission because it needs our funding to complete its democratic task of delivering free and fair elections, and I strongly believe that adequate funding in all probability brings proper results that takes place in Somaliland.
We have a duty under God to ensure that we serve our people and country in our respective places across the globe.
In that respect we can have an enviable position on matters of national identity and pride. We will understand unambiguously our position in the world.
Long live Somaliland
A Note from zealot Somalilander in South Africa
Saeed Furaa
E-mail: somalilandjournalist@gmail.com


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